Sport Links Travel offers a wonderful range of tailor-made journeys and small group tours to sporting events worldwide. Below is a sample of our main forthcoming cricket and rugby tours. We also offer tailor-made packages to a selection of Grand Prix meetings. All tours include guaranteed tickets and well-appointed accommodation; we can organise exciting sightseeing options around the sporting events such as the Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Taj Mahal in India.


Experience the convivial spirit of an England cricket tour on one of our escorted tours or tailor-made journeys to major international Tests across the world that, as well as your flights, hotels and official match tickets, we also include local excursions. Celebrating  hosting small g 20 years of cricket tours, pre registration your interest  today for future England cricket tours.


Witness the intensity and excitement of international rugby along with the local cultures of the host destination. Featured events and destinations include the World Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong, Cape Town, Singapore and Dubai. Plus the overseas RBS Six Nations matches and other England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales internationals. Call us for details.


Grand Prix

Discover the must-see sights before or after your Formula 1 weekend, such as Kyoto in Japan, The Great Wall in China, Iguazu Falls for the Brazil Grand Prix, and Penang in Singapore, to name just a few. Call now for your tailor-made journey to watch the thrill of Formula 1 and experience the local cultures and sights of these amazing destinations.